Missing measures - Possible bug??

Ran into a weird problem: Using Ardour 2.8.6 (Ubuntu 10.04) Everything works great…

Except this. I have a song that alternates between 11/4 and 13/4 time signatures. Ardour is synced with Hydrogen and it plays fine. I’ve mapped the time signatures at the right places but there seem to be seven missing measures between bar 12 and 19.

What info can I furnish and has anyone run into this before.



gpayne: please use 2.8.12 and if the bug is still there, we might take a look at it. Note however that there have been many deep changes to the handling of meter and Bar/Beat lines in ardour3, the development of which revealed real bugs in this area within ardour2. There are no plans to fix these bugs in Ardour2. Ardour3 is vastly better behaved.