Missing files

Sorry dumb me…
I’m a Total Newbie to Linux and Ardour, but I’d like to give 'em a try anyway.

But when I’m tryin to install the Ardour-0.9beta11.2-1.rh90.ccrma.i386.rmp using the app “Install Packages” I get the error code, that the following files are not installed…


Please could someone point me to the right direction and tell me what to do ? (where can I get these files ???)

Thanks for your help in advance.

Toni, S


Good source of information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planet_CCRMA
Then jump to: http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/software/

  • select the guidelines which suit your linux distribution

I am myself running ancient Fedora Core 4 and with apt-get and synaptic I just keep upgrading the system with planet ccrma’s precompiled rpm-packages. The ccrma staff is keeping the dependencies compiled and when I install something with synaptic then synaptic is using apt-get to download and install all necessary software with rpm-tools. The install packages are still rpm-formatted (rpm - redhat package manager). With newer Fedora Core 5 there is yum package manager which I don’t know.

This way the system is easy to keep stabile. After each upgrade I just check couple of things:

  • no new crontab configurations containing disk intensive scheduled runs
  • no new selinux -----------’’------------
  • no extra sound applications for kde and gnome which might interfere with alsa+jack+ardour

And of course before recording anything ‘live’ I make test recording with the same duration (and preferrable same time) to see that the system doesn’t ‘hang’ and give xruns which destroy the recording.

ooopss - btw. prepare yourself for massive download session because if you just try to install only ardour the synaptic will get with apt-get all necessary files starting from the kernels (and you need to decide which one to take), modules etc. including the files you mentioned. But it is worth of it.

btw. if you have ia64 architecture processor - I have no idea about how alsa+ardour works with such hardware. So just check with someone who has done all the soundcard configuration stuff and got the best out of their ‘gear’ :slight_smile:

I hope this helps - I definetely don’t recommend installing those ccrma packages by hand and then trying recursively to find what you still keep missing, let the ccrma recommended tools to take care of that.

ps. oh boy I wait new ardour to appear to planets ccrma distro :slight_smile:

These files are pretty common. Your distro’s repository should have them available for install. You need to install liblrdf, libsamplerate, and libsndfile.