Missed MIDI changes: What is the explanation/solution?

I have a Teensy midi controller that is bound to a 24-channel bus in Ardour and uses different control change numbers over 12 channels to control 24 faders (sends inside the 24x24 mixer plugin). Most of the time it works as expected, but occasionally Ardour seems to miss a control change, causing the fader to get stuck at some value, even though the control change to set it to 0 has been sent. Sending some more midi on the same channel/control change seems to bring the fader into expected behaviour again, but generaly not before quite a lot of new MIDI has been sent. I have used Midi Monitor to verify that the control change to 0 is actually recieved by the computer, so the problem seems to be specific to Ardour, see the attached screenshot where channel 11 controller 20 is bound to mix 1 11.

Check the “smoothing” value in the Generic MIDI control GUI from Edit > Preferences > Control Surfaces

Hi Paul, I set the smoothing to max (127) in Ardour > preferences > Control Surfaces > Generic MIDI (Mac OS, Ardour 7.3) because I beleaved that would provide max sensitivity.
Responsiveness over all is good. Just sporadic “hang-ups”.

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