Minor GUI bugs

ardour version: 0.99.2 (on ubuntu dapper)

1 - Ardour: Mixer window is brought up even though it wasn’t there when I saved my session

  • create session
  • open mixer
  • close mixer
  • save session
  • exit
  • start ardour by specifying the session on the command line. The mixer window then pops up

2 - Ardour: Track color not set when opening mixer

  • same steps as above, except change the color of a track before saving.

3 - Jammin: error message ought to be neutral

  • That’s a minor complaint here. It’s not offending to me, but I know people it might offend. I think “Jack, the bastard, …” is not appropriate as an error message. Or if people really badly want that sort of thing, may I suggest a command line option?


It’s an audio tool, not “Leasure Suit Larry” :slight_smile:

You should try using the latest version of software before you try to ask about particular bugs that you’re experiencing from it’s usage.

The latest stable release is 0.99.3 - try downloading and installing that.

As for the JAMin error message - sure it might not be appropriate, but firstly, this is the website for Ardour, not JAMin - to voice your opinion, check http://jamin.sourceforge.net/ and also consider that you are freely permitted to make the change yourself. I can’t imagine it’s too difficult to grep the entire source and simply replace the string you mention, with a more appropriate message. That, or just email the author with the idea of adding a no-bad-language flag. :wink:

I’m not really “asking” about bugs. I’m mentionning them.

As for jamin, I’d be surprised if the author of jamin aren’t checking the ardour forum.

All in all, I’m rather suprised about the lecture you give me on “why don’t you do it yourself?”.

For as long as I’ve been on the internet - and that’s quite a while - it’s always been wrong to ask/demand anything from people. I haven’t asked for anything. But in my long experience, I’ve very rarely seen someone being lectured for mentionning bugs, like you’ve just done. And if you’d read carefully what I wrote, you’d see how pointless it is for me to change my own copy of jamin. But maybe you are having a bad day and felt the need to take it on to somebody :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll go away and say nothing from now on.

Thanks for the lecture.

You didn’t get a lecture, you received a reply. If you post on a discussion forum on the Internet, it’s something you should expect.

If I was a software developer and a user came to me mentioning specific bugs, I would first ask them to test the latest stable version of my software, before they reeled off the list of problems with old versions.

I didn’t give you a lecture on how you should do it yourself, I simply stated that it’s generally pointless to point out bugs on software that’s been superseded by a newer version - just as it’s equally pointless to complain about an error message for another piece of software on the website of a different software. I also pointed out that, IF people are genuinly unhappy about the dialog in JAMin, that they have the ability, the permission, to make the necessary (and easy) change.

Anyway, don’t get your panties in a bunch.