Minimum Requirements

(duplicate post from Win forum) Is there a minimum OSX version for Ardour 4? I’m trying to run and get familiar with it on my OSX laptop (bootcamp) but it consistently crashes on launch on both OSX and Win


OS X is something like 10.4 for the minimum version. If you are getting lots of crashing make sure you report it, most people are not having any problem. I would suggest getting on IRC and seeing if anyone there can help you through whatever issue you are having(Make sure to point them to this thread as well, or update it yourself after the issue is fixed).


Thanks. Both of my OS’s on my MacBook are pretty old so I’m likely below the minimum on OSX. I’d have to boot into OSX to check. On the Win side it’s Vista and it does the same, crashes on launch with faulty module pdf4.dll.

I’ll report it on the IRC channel. Thanks.

The minimum version these days is 10.6 (you may need the 32 bit or 64 bit version, it can be hard to say because 10.6 (Snow Leopard) was a wierd hybrid that allowed users to tweak things a bit too much in this regard).

Ahha good to know, thanks.