Minimising Mouse use in MIDI editing

I’m trying to work out what is and is not possible with keyboard shortcuts to improve workflow.

One scenario is where I want to edit note velocities in a MIDI region.

If I’m in Grab mode I can Alt+up/down to select a track.

If I’m in Internal Edit mode then once I’ve selected the first note in a region I can Ctrl+up/down or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+up/down to make larger/smaller changes to velocity.

Then I can Tab to the next note and repeat the process if required. I can’t Shift+Tab to cycle back through notes but that’s not really an issue.

My question is; is there a way to join those things up without using a mouse? So having selected a track is it possible to 1) select a region in that track and 2) select the first note in that region, without reaching for the mouse?

There is also the issue of magnification. At the moment I’d select a region and hit z to fit the region to the screen while also deselecting the region. I then need to hit e to get to Internal Edit mode and click on the first note to start editing.

I’m just wondering if there’s a more time-efficient way of doing things.

There are no keyboard shortcuts available for intra-track selection. We have assumed that the mouse is required to indicate which region/control point/midi note etc. to select.

Thanks Paul. That’s all I wanted to know.

Note that it would be possible to write something in Lua that e.g. selects the first region in a track, then bind that to a keyboard shortcut.

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