Minimal Techno (Trashno?)

I recently had two guests in my Ardour-based living room/studio/whatever. They had brought a song with them. Plus a Korg Volca Keys and a Korg Volca Beats. They wanted it to be a video soundtrack and this is the end of the story:

I tried an EV RE320 for the vocals, which is a sometimes-tricky mic, but it worked well straight away. Hooked it up to a Yamaha 91v96i together with the Korg stuff. I used some Windows VSTs (yeah yeah, parental advisory here!), namely some Roland Juno 60-sound-alike chorus and Voxengo Voxformer and Voxengo Elephant (compressors). Reverbs were from the 01v96i.

I used midi sync for the Volca Beats, so we could record the drum instruments one after the other on separate tracks.

Feel free to comment.

The video wasn’t done by me. I like its craziness, though.

Love it. :smiley:

Die Partei - sie ist sehr gut!