Mini Install Tutorial for Ardour 2 on Ubuntu Linux on a PB G4

I just finished jumping through some rather interesting hoops but I have now got a running version of Ardour-2.0alpha2 in Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS on a Powerbook G4.

Here are the steps that I took to achieve this.

  1. Install all packages as listed in the Installing from Source references on this site using the Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu Linux. Make sure that you install the development versions of the listed libraries as well. Note: you will need to get the sndfile 1.0.16 from the link provided as the Synaptic Package Manager only has 1.0.12 available.

  2. Install gcc and g++ (currently the highest available is version 4.0)

  3. create a symbolic link for g++ in the /usr/bin directory otherwise the build process will not see g++ (the install seems to create the symbolic link for gcc okay but misses g++)

  4. You can check to see if g++ and gcc are being recognized by the system by typing ‘which gcc’ or ‘which g++’ in a terminal session. If gcc or g++ is available then the system will return a ‘/usr/bin/gcc’ or ‘/usr/bin/g++’

  5. Double click on the file SConstruct in the root directory of the Ardour-2.0alpha2 folder and comment out lines 553 through to 558 inclusive. (these lines produce a syntax error which causes the build process to quit, commenting them out does not affect anything else during the build)

  6. Type ‘scons’ as directed in the root directory of the Ardour2 folder. Wait a while for the build process to complete. (A very large coffee)

  7. When the build process is completed type ‘scons install’ and Ardour2 will be installed for you.

  8. Ardour 2 can now be invoked by navigating to /usr/bin and typing ‘./ardour’

  9. Enjoy

Hope this helps

Thanks to the people on the Forums for responding to my requests for help.