"Mind Riot", Soundgarden cover

We were working on this song, and when about to finish it, the news of Chris Cornell’s death arrived.
That shocked us hard, and gave this cover version a whole new meaning. This is our way of celebrating the life and music of one of our big heroes.
Then we made this video, in the spirit of “The Concert for George” and used it to pay homage to the great Chris Cornell.

All recording and mixing done with Ardour.


First one sounds perfect, in every way. Great performance!
The second is OK but a bit dark in my headphones, vocals to far back.

Thanks Johan!
Yes, first one is the “serious” one, part of the new “Sleeping Philosophers” album to be released on October. The other one was a quick and dirty thing just to have fun, vocals are back cause they’re far from good :slight_smile: