Milk Machine and Mirror Image studio


Check out Milk Machine of Washington, DC, There are several songs listed in the top article on their web site that were produced at Mirror Image in Minneapolis, MN:
*Things To Do in New York
*Bees on the Vine
*Little One
*With the Lights On

It took about a week to record, mix and master 13 songs for their upcoming album. The band members stayed with us at the studio/house while Dana and I produced the album. All production was done using Ardour/Mixbus and Jamin.

Ron Parker
Mirror Image Studio
rtp405 @ yahoo . com

Outstanding production, Ron, another great mix from MI.

re: the band: Well, they’re not The Mummies. :wink: But they’re obviously having a lot of fun, they can really play, and they write good tunes. I’ll bet you had a blast recording this stuff.

Thanks for the share !



thanks for the acknowledgment and compliments, Dave.

we worked hard and had a great time.

i’m always looking for the next project…when are you gonna come to MPLS and do an album with us? :slight_smile: anyway, it’s good to see your still around.