Migration from 5 to 6 : No Align


First things first. Thanks to Ardour and all contributors for this great DAW.

I have recently migrated from Ardour 5.12 to Ardour 6.9.0
uname -a = Linux lkj105 #1 Thu Apr 18 18:24:47 HKT 2013 armv5tel GNU/Linux
Audio Interface (lspci) = 04:06.0 Multimedia audio controller: Xilinx Corporation RME Hammerfall DSP (rev 9a)

It seems that all my old projects cause the “No Align” to light up.
A look into Window/log gives:
2022-09-26T16:30:48 [WARNING]: Ambiguous latency for port ‘***/audio_out 1’ (0, 1040)
etc. for every channel independently of whether I use JACK or int. Some channels use plugins, none use aux sends, ALL display this warning.

If I build a new empty session, record some tracks, save and restart I don’t get this.

Any ideas???



Is your master output connected to something other than the soundcard’s output? or is some track connected to multiple destinations?

Ardour 5 did not warn about this but regardless there was an issue when recording overdubs. They may not be correctly aligned during playback → speaker ->mic → record


In Ardour5 my master was connected to a stereo track called “MIX” who’s outputs were connected to nothing… This is normally how I mix down into stereo then export.

By disconnecting the master from “MIX” track the “No Align” and the Ambiguous latency warnings disappeared. Thanks.


P.S. If anyone can suggest another method for mixing into stereo I’m all ears.


Is the master bus stereo or more than two channels? The traditional method is the two-channel master bus is the final stereo mix. I don’t understand the intended purpose of the additional track.

This specific case (connected to an unconnected) port has meanwhile been fixed for upcoming Ardour 7. Ardour now ignores the latency of the unconnected port (and no longer warns).

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