Migrate my sessions between different hardware

I’m a pretty amateur user - I’ve been using Ardour for years, but only to record basic demos. My question relates to hardware setups. I use a Delta 1010 audio interface on my main workstation. I plan to go travelling soon and will use another workstation (a laptop) with some small USB low-latency audio interface.

If I copy my existing sessions to the laptop and work on them with the USB audio interface, then when I return home and copy them back to my “proper” workstation, will I have to re-set all my outputs in the mixer or will it “remember” what to do when the Delta 1010 is in the system?

Is there a “clean” way of handling this scenario within Ardour?

Hope this makes sense, please let me know if not.

Thanks, that helped me a lot.

Thanks nowhiskey, very helpful indeed.

as i know, this should work without problems.
the only thing that will change is, if one track input is connected to the hardware input 5 or so, when you start the session with hardware which has only two inputs, this connection will be lost. the same if you use more than 2 hardware outputs connected to your track/master outputs, this connection will get lost once you start a session with hardware which has only two out’s.
i am migrating my sessions between 16 I/O multiface and my onboard intel chip regularly.


No answer?
I have the same question. I’m planning to buy myself a notebook (and some recording hardware) where I can take my songs with me. In my Windows/Cubase times, I had always probelms with songs on two machines.

Could you create a bus for each output, and then instead of routing anything directly to the interface’s output, route it to the bus? When you switch to an interface with fewer outputs, you would have to figure out what (if anything) to do with the buses that went to the additional outputs, but then when you go back to your regular interface, it should be a simple matter of reconnecting each of those buses to the corresponding output on your interface. But you wouldn’t need to remember that track A was connected to output 4 and tracks B and C were connected to output 6 and so on.

the Precision M65 Laptop with PD-01 dock and a Delta 1010LT (that combination gets lots of stares)

lowen, I am staring … What is the PD-01 dock? Presumably an interface for the 1010 <-> lappy? I have a spare 1010 and would love to know :slight_smile:

With the same caveats as above mentioned, I’m successfully porting sessions back and forth between three workstations: the home-built desktop with a Delta 1010 (in need of power supply capacitor repair) running CentOS 5+PlanetCCRMA; the Precision M65 Laptop with PD-01 dock and a Delta 1010LT (that combination gets lots of stares) running Fedora 11 + PlanetCCRMA;and the Inspiron 640m with Tascam US428 running AVLinux 2.0r2.

The only issue has been the differing number of inputs and outputs on the US428. Thanks to JACK’s hardware-agnostic labeling of ports, things Just Work™ most of the time, as long as things aren’t on input 5 or above or output 3 or above.