Midnam file and custom notes names

Hello, i am trying to show the custom notes name defined in a midnam files in ardour.
It is not working.

This feature is old, from the 3.5.403 release note : “Support channel NoteNameLists in MIDNAM files”

It should gave me something as show on this website: drobilla.net : Ardour MIDI Patch, Controller, and Note Names. But in my side i have always the default note name.

Any idea ? IS this feature always supported ?


@drobilla : Hello, i am trying to find your commit that had this feature (in 2013).
Do you hava any idea about my post ?

Note: i found the commit: Support note names from midnam files (tested with the DM5). · Ardour/ardour@88de45b · GitHub

THe note list name seems parsed in the code and available as public :

But it does not seem to be use by the intrument.cc file.

It is normal behaviour ? It is a bug (i can help in this case).

All the relevant low-level code for that is indeed in midnam_patch.[h|cpp]

I have no idea what the user-visible status of that feature is now.

On my side i see always the default note name for my custom midnam test file but also for all instrument defined by default in ardour.
Maybe they are a bug here… as code seems always trying to manage that:

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