Hi, wow Im actually really impressed by this daw, although it is somewhat troublesome without a fancy mouse?(only have a classic one-button mac mouse). Having some problems using midi, first I can not get a midi signal either in or out of Mixbus. Im using a Command 8 and a digi002 audio interface. What would be great is to be able to use my command 8 with mixbus.

Found some explanations how to set up using CC-midi, but it a bit strange because Ardour doesnt seem to see either my exsisting midi-ports or the midiports Ive created, in either ardour or OSX. I´m a pro tools user and mixbus cant run while running protools(using the same interface). But then again Pro tools doesnt see jack.
You are supposed to control+2 click on the the parameter you want to midi-control, this really doesn`t work for me…

Any help at all is appreciated

@grad: http://ardour.org/generic_midi_control

Ops, by the way using:

OSX 10.5.8

Mixbus 1.2
Ardour 2.8.8
Midi patchbay 1.0.3(14)

Digidesign Digi002
Digidesign Command 8

I`m also using Liquid mix 16 from focusrite.

Got transport to work. using command 8 in stand alone mode. Is there a way to get the info on how midi is handled in Ardour? Must either way map each controll(knob, fader or rotary)

Both my Command 8 and my digi 002 has two midi out and one midi in. Connected them with midi cables, nothing.

Routed mcu to the command 8 through an additional midi device(made in osx sound and midi setup) in midi patchbay.

@grad: as it says in the document i referenced above: There are no “best” ways to map an arbitrary MIDI controller for controlling Ardour. There may be very legitimate reasons for different users to prefer quite different mappings. So, Ardour does not come with any pre-defined mapping - we believe that users know what is best for them. Ardour3 will feature a somewhat different system that includes presets for specific controller configurations. In Ardour2, you need to make the assignments and potentially save them as a session template.

Thanx, think my problem is as easy as my mouse… so hopefully with a new mouse it will be allright:)