Midi workaround for Arduor

I’m new to Ardour but I’m trying to see if there is any type of midi workaround? My main issue is I can’t sequence midi if I could do this in another program that would be fine until it’s fully implemented but I haven’t seen anything yet so I’m wondering is there a workaround, I appears to be one for Linux but what about OSX?

you can sync a midi sequencer through jack-transport with ardour, that is no problem.
at the moment, i use seq24 for this purposes.

to get this working correctly, you’ve to set a time master, either ardour or the sequencer programm.
and you’ve to set in both programms, that jack is the time master.

when you’ve done this setup correctly, and you press play in one of those programs, both start to play, and should be sync.
(for shure you can control jack-transport with qjackctl (play/pause/…/…) buttons. also it’s possible to sync more than two programs with jack.)

but be careful to set only one time-master!

regards hg87

Thanks I’ll give that a try!

Is seq24 available for mac osx? I’ve looked and googled but I can’t seem to find anything but the source code which says it’s for linux, can the source code be built for mac? If so is there anywhere on the net that would explain how to do it?