Midi with Ardour on MacOS

On Linux, I used Rosegarden to get some midi tracks with the audio in Ardour.

Any such jack-enabled programs for the Mac? Or is there pre-alpha build of Ardour3 that I could try?

A3 on OS X… I think two people have successfully built it in total, neither of them even being Paul:) In both cases coding was required and inf act was the reason that either of us did it was just to update it so it WOULD build on OS X, and all it actually did was build, and launch, you couldn’t do anything in it at all.

MIDI/Jack programs on OS X. Well Jack has a CoreAudio driver on OS X so really just about any program can be run into Jack, though there aren’t many native Jack programs on OS X sadly. I know the Denemo folks have started in that direction, and I think Hydrogen may have the Jack driver installed but I could be wrong, but that is about all I can think of off hand.


So A3 is useless right on on OSX? I just need a MIDI record/edit/playback program that will sync to ardour.

@hogiewan: ardour3 has not been released. that’s all. its nothing to do with “useless on OS X” or anything remotely like that. it is still under heavy ongoing development.

@paul - I meant it’s useless for now

I’m just looking for a program that can record midi (as I play it on a keyboard or midi drum kit) and play it back in sync with Ardour - any suggestions? Everything that I can find is a notation editor.