MIDI weird graphical (glitches) behaviour

Hello to all members from this amazing community!

I’m facing a graphical issue on percussive note mode. When the playhead (not for sure) or my mouse arrow is over some midi notes they kinda partially disappear until I move away from them.

Here is a gif from a screen recording I did to help:

What should I tell you guys besides that I’m using Ardour 6.2-0 installed via script and running on Ubuntu 20.04 at my Acer laptop equipped with Intel i5-7200 processor (Intel Graphics 620), SSD and 12GB RAM? Is it a bug or something else? What can I do to provide more technical information?

Have you all a nice weekend!

It is/was a known bug: https://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=8148

This was fixed in 6.2-2-gce8846d13f (shortly after 6.2).
So you can wait for 6.3 (due sometime in September) or get a https://nightly.ardour.org build that already include the fix.

For future reference, a step by step recipe how to [re]produce a given bug, filed at the bug tracker is usually the best way.

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Thanks, Robin! That was exactly what is happening here too.

You can close it if you want. I consider “solved case”!

Forum posts are not bug reports :slight_smile: We don’t “close” them, or “track” them. That’s what tracker.ardour.org is for.

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Hey, Paul!

For sure! LOL I’ve been on GitLab a lot lately then I saw “This topic will close 3 months after the last reply” and thought I was about to see someone close it. My bad! Next time, I’ll fill in the bug tracker and do a better job! :innocent: By the way… There was a GIF but it got lost.

Have a nice week.

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