MIDI voice issue for track

I’m having an issue with a MIDI file I’m trying to work with. Somehow, Ardour has changed the voice it is using for the track to “Glockenspiel” instead of Standard Drums. Playing the MIDI file on my computer (using Windows Media Player) returns the audio with standard drums.

I’ve deleted and re-added the track, but the issue remains. I’ve attempted to edit the midi voice channel configuration, and that fixes it for a short period before the Midi file becomes completely silent after a few playbacks.

The track is using the “General MIDI Synth” plugin.

Windows 7 x64

I’m not sure why this started, though I have noticed that my system volume scroll on my keyboard (corsair k70) has yielded some odd results within Ardour (like deleting regions from an audio track unexpectedly), so I’m speculating that it could be that.

What synth are you using to generate audio (i.e. the instrument in the track) ?

I have no idea why “General MIDI synth” didn’t register as a synthesizer instrument in my head. I changed that to a drum kit, and now it’s all good. Thanks, Paul!