MIDI: using Apple's DLSMusicDevice

I’m loving the new Ardour 4.7 in its OS X form. However, I’m trying to use the Apple MIDI sounds in the form of Apple’s DLSMusicDevice (which appears as a plugin in Ardour), which provides the 128 General MIDI preset instruments. But when I assign this plugin to a MIDI track, I only get the piano sound (which is the general MIDI instrument 1). Is there a way for me to access all the other general MIDI instruments available with DLSMusicDevice?

I did a Google search and found instructions on how to do this using MOTU (http://www.motu.com/techsupport/technotes/how-do-i-access-the-quicktime-general-midi-sounds-in-digital-performer) but could not figure out how this might apply to Ardour.

OK, it’s pretty easy! Just use the “patch change” function, which I hadn’t originally found. And by the way, I can use any Soundfonts I want by placing them in ~/Library/Audio/Sounds?Banks and selecting the Soundfont from the DLSMusicDevice Plugin in Ardour. So I now have a General MIDI Soundfont player in Ardour! (I’ve wanted this for when I preliminarily play with lots of sounds for MIDI compositions.)

Using Apple’s DLSMusicDevice as a Soundfont player may be useful to others, for example in this post: https://community.ardour.org/node/8979