Midi tracks copy and routing

I can’t actually succeed in :

  1. duplicating a midi track as it is : possible ?
  2. routing the midi out of a track to the midi in of another - I know how to make it in jack or within the midi connection manager, but when I run Ardour, nothing is received in my input midi track

Maybe I missed something very important in midi implementation…

@stanlea: define “duplicating a MIDI track”. You also haven’t mentioned what version of Ardour you are using …

oops sorry

I use Linux version 64 bits 3.2

Duplicating a midi track : say I have a midi track called Midi 1, and I want to have a second track called Midi 2 with exactly the same content… how do I copy/paste Midi1 ?

No way ?


I suspect a playlist will allow you to do this, but I haven’t tried them with MIDI tracks to know.


I have the same question…haven’t figured out how to do it yet.