MIDI track zoom "fit to notes" or "fit to signal"

The “height” selector has small, normal, large, larger and largest which tells you how visually large the track will be.

What if there were something similar on the sliding keyboard for MIDI tracks? Right-click + “fit to notes” would automatically set the range to the highest and lowest notes.

Currently double-click does this. From http://manual.ardour.org/working-with-tracks/midi-track-controls/

“Double clicking the scrollbar auto-adjusts the zooms to make the range of visible pitches fit the actual content of the track.”

That does however require the scrommer to be visible.

Excellent. Thank you.

How do we “unzoom” from there? If I double-click again it remains in position. Is there another shortcut than using the height selector back to normal?

I’d use “fit vertically” (F) and then visual undo" (shift + z) – see Menu > View > Zoom.

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