MIDI track names


why when i replace the plugin in a MIDI track, does the old plugin name remain?
I would expect the track name to be updated.

Another question: where can I find a txt file with the information track by track on the names of the plugins used and the instrument chosen within each plugin?
For example:

Track 1: ZynAddSubFX, Collection, Soft Vibes

Track 2: ACE Fluid Synth, FluidR3_GM.sf2, Fingered Bass



P.S.: I use Ardour 6.9.0 on Ubuntu

When loading an instrument plugin onto a MIDI track that already has an instrument plugin, there is a popup dialog that asks what to do.

Other than that plugins are always added and never removed automatically.

When creating a new MIDI track, and you do not enter a name, a unique name based on the selected instrument plugin (if any) is used. Ardour just picks the plugin-name because it is slightly better than just “MIDI Track 11”. But after that no automatic changes are made.

Ardour has no idea what soundfont the synth uses, or what preset/patch you may use. This information is local to the plugin and can also change over time. Since most synths are polytimbral there is no unique description, either.

It is good practice to change the name to something concise e.g. “Synth Bass”, “Lead Melody”, “Pads” etc. as you go along. This description will remain correct even if you replace the synth.

Hi, maybe I explained myself wrong: I was talking about the title (which is the name of the plugin) at the beginning of the MIDI track. This title does not update when I replace the plugin with another one.


Correct. This is expected behavior as I’ve explained it above.

The plugin’s name is entirely unrelated to the track’s name (or region names) Ardour only (optionally) offers it as default name during track creation.

All clear, thanks.

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