Midi track does not play together audio tracks

Hi folks.
I have to record a MIDI track but I have a problem. It’s all connected correctly, keyboard, audio card, and so on.
I created the MIDI track in a song I already have audio tracks recorded.
If I play the keyboard, I can hear the sound.
But if I start the metronome click and the other audio tracks, I don’t hear the keyboard anymore.
It seems it only plays alone when other sounds are not playing.
Any clue?
Also, this is for Paul: any chance to have a Yamaha digital piano P-35 in the plugins? But maybe this concerns the guys who write plugins.
Last question, I forgot: is it possible to find good electric piano plugins? Or also pianos and other instruments like vibraphone and so on? Thank you

At this point in time, tracks in Ardour can deliver only one of two possible signals to their processing chain and thus their outputs.

  1. Their input signal
  2. The signal from material stored on disk

By default, tracks switch to monitoring their disk material during playback and switch to monitoring input when stopped or recording. There are a variety of ways to change this. The simplest is to press the “In” Button in the mixer strip for that track, which forces it to monitors its input signal at all times.

Ardour is never going to provide “a Yamaha digital piano P-35” as a plugin. There are a variety of piano plugins around. Some cost money, such as the incredibly excellent PianoTeq, which also provides other percussive instruments include mallet-played ones. Some are available without payment and offer a sound quality that may charm one user and disturb another (the MDA e-piano is an interesting case in point). The right plugin for you is not something we can point you to. It also depends on the platform you use Ardour on.

I’m on Linux, Paul.
The issue about monitoring it only affects midi, though. When I record audio tracks, I have other tracks, drum ones I created with Hydrogen and/or audio ones already recorded, that play without problems while I’m adding another one.

Of course they “play without problems” … they are playing back the material from disk.

You described the problem to make me believe that it is this: when not playing, I can hear myself pressing notes on the keyboard, but when Ardour is playing, and I press notes on the keyboard, I can’t hear it anymore.

Correct. So I can solve the problem pressing the IN of the MIDI track, if I understood well. I’ll give it a try.
Also. I don’t really care about having a specific Yamaha (which is what I use right now) plugin, it’s just for being able to use the sustain pedal and the volume slider.

I get back on this topic since by yesterrday, I cannot hear the audio track I’m recording in my headphones.
I had this problem with MIDI, as I wrote above, and solved.
But yesterdai I tried to record and I could only hear the sound in the headphones with Ardour stopped.
I’'m using a mic next the amplifier and connected in my soundboard. I selected LINE in obsiouvly.
I created the audio track in Ardour, though I already have other recorded tracks, and tried to record but I couldn’t hear what was coming through the headphones.
It’s strange because I recorded another tune where I only have acoustic instruments all recorded via microphone, and I was able to record track after track hearing what was already recorded.
Any hints?

Since it seems not to exist an answer to this topic, today I tried to record the keyboard again. I could hear the sound coming from it in Ardour, while the recording was stopped.
When I armed the track and started playing, together with all the other instruments already recorded, I haven’t heard the sound coming from the keyboard anymore.
I checked the routing of that track and I saw there wasn’t any connection. It seems that it gets disconnected as soon as I start the recording after having armed the track.

I would like to help you understand and solve your problem, but I can’t do it on a web forum: it is much, much too slow and cumbersome.

IRC is much better, but to be honest, I personally am not on IRC at the present time as often as I used to be. There may be other people on IRC who are willing and able to help you understand what is happening.