Midi track - copying data to another track

Ardour.org Ardour-4.6.0-dbg(gcc5)

Is selecting all in midi track, copy and paste into a new midi track a valid way to copy data from one track to another?

Or should duplicate track only be used to do that?

I’m in the process of filing a possible bug on the bug tracker and may need to amend it, depending on the answer, before posting.



I don’t know the answer to your question, but I also think there are some things not working, when copy-pasting midi-regions. For one the copy often does not show the notes though it plays them, and if you change the boundaries of a copied region, I sometimes had new notes appear that had been erased before (again the playback worked correctly and did not play them, so all the troubles I had were in the graphical interface).

Thanks. in my case notes show correctly on the copied track but on playing the copy some notes are dropped.
Mantis #0006756

I’ve closed the bug.Tried to reproduce the issue with new material but it now works as expected.