MIDI Track Audio Fails to Play After Recorded

Oh man, I’ve been having so much fun with downloaded sounds, plugins. I’m using the keypad shortcuts of the keyboard to work an octave on the Virtual MIDI Keyboard, recording different MIDI tracks, but now, to my dismay, the underlying audio vanishes. I see the lines for the notes, placeholders, but they are thin lines, not thicker and full as when the audio was active in playback.

What is causing this? Limitations on the hardware, memory, computer? Some setting that I’m ignorant of?

The thin lines are grid markers, marking where the beats are located.
If you did not enable recording on the channel then you were just listening to the output, not recording either the MIDI data or the audio.
To record you have to enable the master record button (at the end of the transport bar at the top), and the record arm for the individual track.
The interface is somewhat modeled after a traditional console and multi-track tape recorder, but if that is not something you are familiar with starting with the manual (Ardour manual) and some YouTube tutorials might be a good way to get started. Just beware that Ardour 7.x versions have changed a few things, so older tutorials might have a few things which are slightly different.
The basic operations should still be the same, so even an older tutorial should be enough to get you started.

Thanks Chris, for your response. I had recorded the MIDI. It had all been fine with playing back until I duplicated a midi track 3-4 times intending to take the same notes on the 1st recording and change their instrument and transpose them to lower octaves.

I think I’m just discovering the recordings are still there, but I have something jacked up regarding my use of “channels” and I’m totally ignorant at how channels are messing me up. I discovered it by accident by clicking on “Channel 2” in the patch selector dialogue box for a specific MIDI track, and walah, out came the sound that I had recorded.

That I have multiple MIDI Tracks that I haven’t get gotten to play back, even if I select 1-16 channels in the drop down menu, is a mystery to me, so I’ll keep reading, experimenting, and overcoming my ignorance bit by bit. I appreciate the help.

I’m sorry, I totally misinterpreted what you wrote earlier.
You might be on the right path with channel number, MIDI data includes a channel number as part of the data (16 possible channels), and the receiving device or software has to be configured either for the matching channel, or to accept data on any channel.

Are you using the latest version (7.2)? There were a couple of MIDI errors fixed in the first two 7.x releases. I don’t think any were related to what you are seeing, but might as well make sure you don’t hit any of the already fixed problems while you are working through whatever is causing your current problem.

Have you gone through the MIDI section of the manual? This feature for viewing the MIDI data in textual form can help verify the channel and that all the data you expect is still there:
MIDI list editor

It may also be worthwhile to check if you have created additional layers on your MIDI tracks. I have a vague memory that layering behavior was changed recently for MIDI…
yes, found this in the 7.2 release notes. May or may not be relevant to your situation, hard to tell from the zoom level of the screenshot you posted earlier:
When recording, Sound on Sound now does cue monitoring, while Layered (opaque) and Non-Layered monitor only the input.
Opaque MIDI regions will now obscure regions below them, just like audio regions.

Oh, dude, that is likely something big happening in my case. I don’t understand it yet, but surely that’s got to be some aspect of my challenge. Wow, so much to learn. I’m amazed at how complex can be a board with busses, tracks, layers, channels, and a ton of other things and nuances of how they all interact with each other. I wonder how fast some of this would rub off on me if I sat with an audio engineer for a while observing his/her workflow?

Oh, yes, I’m on 7.2, downloaded a week ago or so.

I thought I’d put a screen shot to make clearer my first posted screen shot. The lines I was referencing were the notes of the MIDI in the track. In the center of the image is a track with fairly thick lines, and I’m getting playback. The original post’s screen shot featured small, thin lines that almost weren’t visible, and I couldn’t get audio to play on those tracks.

This screen shot happened after the program crashed, and upon reload, other MIDI tracks appear blank.

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