Midi to audio in Ardour


Is it possible, or will be possible in Ardour3, to take as input a set of multiple midi channels, and to play a small external file each time a midi code is received?


@tbonedude: its extremely unlikely that ardour will ever have sampling capabilites. even in proprietary DAWs, this functionality is provided by a plugin of one kind or another. its a sufficiently complex task that trying to build it into the DAW serves no real purpose.

Unless I misunderstood your question that sounds like a perfect job for Ardour3 and a sample player, like LinuxSampler or Qsynth/fluidsynth.

Ardour3, in itself, does not play any “midi sounds”, it just records the midi information and sends it out to external synths and/or samplers.

sampling capabilities would be an great feature request if it isn’t already! I might just file the request myself!