MIDI timing issues

I’m running Ardour 6.9 on AVL-MXE-2021. Mainly working with midi recording on DecentSampler and Sfizz.

Ardour and Jack are both running at a sample rate of 44100 and 512 Frames/Period. That works well to get suitable responsiveness when recording from a keyboard in realtime.

My time has never been great, but I know when I’m on the beat and when I’m not. I find that when I’ve recorded something that feels like it has solid timing when I come to play it back everything feels uncomfortably early.

So at 120bpm notes seem to be moved about 1/32 note earlier than where I played them.

I understand that both Ardour and Jack compensate for latency. And I know I can further compensate in the settings of the plugin. But it feels like the compensation, if that’s what it is, is excessive.

Might I be missing a really obvious setting? Or is there anything else you can suggest?

Many thanks

I’ve been having the same issue on 6.9 but inconsistently. Like the latency compensation would overshoot sometimes but I couldn’t find a reproducible set up.

not quite. JACK does not offer compensation for systemic MIDI latency.

It is one of the reasons why we recommend to use Ardour’s ALSA backend. See also Linux: use ALSA not JACK? - #2 by x42

Thanks for correcting my misunderstanding and for the suggestion.

I’ve changed the settings so I’m using ALSA. I’m using a powered Behringer UMC404HD interface. Systemic latency was caIculated at 12.8 ms (564 samples) when I ran the calibration so I tried those settings.

It seems to make a slight improvement but really the problems persists. Timing in regions feels “solid” when I record them. But on playback the midi notes are slightly early with reference to the click and the barlines.

I can make things worse by increasing the settings from what I got after running the calibration. But nothing really makes it better - it’s not possible to set negative values.

Likewise changing the Hardware input/output latency in the main Audio/Midi setup window only makes things worse.

I tried replacing the built-in click with drum hits quantized to the grid. Still no improvement.

Any further suggestions?


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