MIDI takes inline editing improvement

For some time ago, I needed to switch to Reaper from Ardour, and there’s just one thing that causes me to think about switching for permanently to this proprietary piece of software. It’s not-in-take MIDI editing. In Ardour, where you can edit notes in take just by switching to another tool, there was too many situations, when I tried to change velocity, change the length of a note in one take, but because the selection of previously changed notes stayed here, I changed the previous selection. In Reaper, just because you need to open a take to edit it, it wasn’t a problem, because it didn’t exist.
I have multiple suggestions to resolve it.

  1. Add an opportunity to unselect EVERYTHING after pressing Ctrl+S
  2. Double click on take to edit it.
    Make a system, similar (in some ways) to other DAWs, when you need to open a take, to edit it. In this case, as main developers don’t want any pop-up windows to be in Ardour, takes will not be allowed to edit before opening

Wish some developer will read this

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Give Qtractor a try for MIDI work

#1 is already fixed, although I’m not sure of the relationship to Ctrl-S.

#2 … not sure of the difference between pressing one key “e” to edit MIDI contents of a region and dbl-clicking the region … both have their pros and cons

I did use separation between DAWs(LMMS + Ardour), but it’s too inconvenient to me.

  1. With which event does this happen
  2. The idea is to change MIDI, same as with “e”, but not changing any MIDI at any region, but to separate by takes, and edit notes in takes.

The fix is already in the source code. Version 7.0 (out in a week or three) will contain it.

I am not sure that I understand what you mean in #2. Ardour does not really have an explicit concept that uses the word “takes” …

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  1. Ok. If the selection will be unselected after a cursor is moved out of MIDI region, or after some other commonly used action, it’s fine.
  2. I mean, before the double click, regions will be similar to ones in LMMS, but after - same as after pressing “e”, but with only clicked region. It’s kind of a way to add a focus on regions, where you can edit the only region you’re focused on

for #1 either selecting a different (MIDI) region or pressing Escape will cancel the existing selection.

for #2, try:

 * click region to select
 * press "z"

[ edit edit edit ]

 * shift-z to return to previous state

What does the “z” key do?

“zoom to selection” (horizontal and vertical at once)

There is a variant action, not bound to a shortcut, but in the View > Zoom menu, which zooms only to the horizontal extent of the selection

Yahoo! It’s Xmas time!

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