Midi sync and latency compensaton


Ardour 7.4.0 / AV_Linux_MX_Edition-21.1_ahs_x64

I normally use Ardour with Hydrogen and Jack and have run into problems syncing the two. To try to debug this I’ve exported my hydrogen file to midi and imported it into ardour, turned off Jack while routing the midi output to Hydrogen and found that it is still out of sync even if every quarter note falls on the beat.

To further debug this I’ve removed jack and hydrogen from the equation.

I made a new empty session with only a midi track and an audio track. I filled up the midi track with middle C quart notes. I then played it back while recording the output into the audio track. The audio precedes the midi by about 20 ms !!!

I went through the latency setup while creating the session. My hardware is a Hammerfall HDSP9632, the output of which goes to a Yamaha 03D via spdif for monitoring. The 03D is also used for tracking but the monitoring channel can be routed to its inputs which is what I did and measurement signal was then returning to the Hammerfall through ADAT optical. It found a delay of 26 samples.

Is there somewhere I can manually change latency compensation or is there something else I’m missing?



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