Midi slider mutes/unmutes

Hi, after setting a midi control to the global volume on a track, I find the following issue: When moving the midi controller’s slider, it toggles mute state randomly. Any precedent, or idea how to solve this?

It looks like it is toggling SOLO, not MUTE for the record, is it possible you have a MIDI learn on the Solo button as well that might be equivalent to that CC?


You were right about SOLO, I tried to correct the problem with MUTE, but that couldn’t do it, obviously! Thank you for your help!
While I am here, I have two related questions:

  • how can I replace an attached MIDI controller behavior by nothing (remove it) ?
  • can Mixer Scenes, currently assigned to F1…F8 keys, be controlled with MIDI buttons as well?

[Edit] Actually each time I restart Ardour, the SOLO problem is back. I noticed that SOLO is toggled only from the midi value 60, never lower.

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