MIDI sequencer, recording problem

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I’m trying the MIDI sequencer plugins in Ardour, for example:
MIDI Step Sequencer”, “B.SEQuencer”.
In an Ardour project, I inserted “ACE Fluid Synth” (with a .sf2 drumkit) immediately after the sequencer.
If I press “PLAY”, everything works perfectly, the sounds generated by the sequencer are OK.

But… when I press “REC” (the key with the red circle) and start the sequencer, the sounds continue to be heard perfectly but no more MIDI messages arrive in the MIDI track, nothing is recorded. Only the Master appears to be active.
To record in the MIDI track maybe I have to add something?

[Ardour 6.9.0 from repository, Ubuntu 22.04]

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Don’t know whether this is always necessary and official way to go, but when recording midi I both click on the record button on the track that I want to record and the general record button. Does that solve your problem as well?

I also always press both REC buttons.
No, it doesn’t depend on that.

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Hi! You can Right click in the mixer strip and choose the Disk I/O: Custom. Then drag the Record after the sequencer plugin. Enable track record & global record & play:

why bother with a few bars that can be written by hand? :slight_smile:

Thanks, it works fine.


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