MIDI Sequencer Progress?

What’s the status of the MIDI sequencer development? Can we expect to see it in 2007? All the other linux MIDI sequencer don’t seem to work very well with JACK… rosegarden is awful and MusE segfaults. I hope the ardour guys can do a good job with this one.

I can’t wait until midi is in place. even preliminary core functionality…
(and yes I’m certain the results will be great…and prob. rock the whole industry).
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I am looking forward to the midi sequencing support as well but on the other hand - I am quite happy to use Rosegarden for MIDI and ardour for audio as one can get them reasonably well in sync easily.

Rosegarden is in my opinion far from awful - it takes some time to get used to but is very powerful when you get the hang of it.

In fact - if it was my call - I’d put MIDI sequencing support on hold for ardour until the audio side is next to perfect. Ardour is very good already but still falls short of the “same or better functionality than that of commercial counterparts” goal.

Especially as using several apps side by side is so easy with jack I’ll be happy doing so in the future as well.

You mau find rosegarden awfull, if you tried the original rosegarden, rosegarden4 is actually nice

I’ve downloaded Rosegarden recently, but had no idea that I could use it along side Ardour. This could well be the solution to my problems. I want to sync external HD recorders. Could anyone help me with setting this up. I haven’t ‘looked’ at Rosegarden yet as I thought I could do everything from within Ardour.

rosegarden won’t work on os x, i’m a linux users, but you can’t say to forget midi sequencing because of hundreds people using ardour on macs…

I use to have memory leak problems with rosegarden, however I must admit I had a little go at sequencing the other day whilst running ardour 99.3 and it was oddly stable. I dont know if this is improvement in rosegarden, jack or the soft-synths I use.

Ardour and MusE

I just finished doing the track recordings for a song in Ardour The main sequencer was an MPC 2000, with the controller information for my hardware synths sequenced in MusE (0.9pre2). MusE controlled Jack transport while sending MIDI positioinal sync via Midi Clock out to the hardware world. MusE and ardour worked rock solidly together


Taybin put out the websvn link for browsing the live changes for the project http://viewcvs.ardour.org. You can navigate to the midi branch and click on “view log” to see what the latest changes were.


There is also the ardour-cvs mailing list you can subscribe to that tells you about each commit as it happens.

Is there a way to sync your version of Sonar with Ardour, or do you render your sonar tracks and then import them into Ardour?

Just curious.

skipkent: even if there is a way to sync Sonar and Ardour, rendering the tracks and importing should be faster and requires no special setup (and allows switching the operating system).

While it’s nice to now which way is faster and easier, I’m still curious to know if the Wine app and Ardour can be synced.

This can be useful at the writing/composing stage rather than simply the mixing/rendering stage.

Just so everyone knows, what I’m going to say is an observation, not a rant. Just an opinion.

I’m not really sure why so many people are complaining about the addition of MIDI sequencing… it’s already partially implemented, and now it’s being worked on by a student who otherwise would not have been helping the team at all. It’s not like we’re giving up valuable resources for this project. Furthermore, while I have used Rosegarden and MUSE, I really can’t get the hang of their interfaces, and I absolutely YEARN for something that works as well and looks as beautiful as the rest of Ardour. For the time being, I actually got SONAR 2 running through Wine (had to jump through a lot of hoops, but it’s finally working). It’s definitely not flashy compared to newer programs, but I think it blows the linux sequencers I’ve used out of the water in terms of functionality and ease of use. I can only hope that the Ardour sequencer will take a page from SONAR’s book and combine those features with a beautiful Ardour UI. I have absolute faith in this project, and I’m very excited to see the final outcome of this great addition to Ardour.