midi sequence in ardour

im aby…working as a music programmer in films since last 11 years.
i heard about ardour…and now foud it…amazing…ardour in linux is great.
i tested the ardour 2.6 in ubuntustudio.

                    hear im suggesting some ideas
                    1.midi track and a sampler with instrument track lick logicaudio.
                    2.a real time live  and offline quantize.
                               i think "J sampler fantasia" is very good and powerfull. just arrange that as a

                    3.an offline midi rendering(sound from sampler)like samplitude  .
                      any way i know these are not an easy task but this will surely mooves Ardur a step ahead
                                                                                           thank you

anyone compailed Ardour 3…?

where i get compailing software “cmake” ubuntudtudio version?

is ardour 3 support midi step recording and video import?

just a quick related question, does ardour trunk support lv2 ‘instruments’ yet? as in can i have a midi track feed a ‘softsynth’ internal to ardour or do i still have to wire up external programs? i haven’t used the trunk in a while and am out of touch with current status :slight_smile:


I think the whole midi-thing is going to be part of Ardour 3, but I don’t know too much about the development that’s going on.

MIDI recording/playback/editing is part of ardour3 and is already implemented. Ardour3 has not been released (though source code is available), and it will not be released till we feel it is ready. Use Google Images to look for a few screenshots or search back a couple of pages on the ardour.org “front page” to find some.

We are very unlikely to build a sampler into Ardour. You can already use LinuxSampler (the engine behind the “Fantasia” GUI you’ve seen) with Ardour.

I recommend also to check out this blog, some very nice updates been coming in recently.

I 2nd this. I score music as well. Midi sequencing within Ardour should be a main goal. I am actually waiting on this to begin my switch from a Mac based Pro Tools HD accel system to a Linux based Ardour system. I personally can’t wait:D

Editing should be similar to Pro Tools midi editing to begin with… notes/bars, velocity, volume, pitch, quantizing etc.

This would be a HUGE leap forward for Ardour. I would immediately be shopping around for interfaces.

Greetings! And congratulations!

I would like to say, that it has been a pleasure to discover your fine sotware.
I am thrilled to have such a powerful application to create music with and to be liberated from the scurge that is microsoft and apple. Thank you very much.

I am a musician (if I could code, I would be begging to join th development, alas …), and playing with timing and feel is ever present in my mind. I started making music on wingdoze with Cubase SX. The Matrix Editor for pianoroll style MIDI sequencing is a killer. There quasi vector line drawing tools for making patterns in the CC track/lanes. You can click and drag a line across a whole pattern (like the velocity) in the shape of basic wave forms(Sine, Triangle, square etc) AND the wavelength can be QUANTIZED. That is so awesome for bringing dynanic life to static samples and anything velocity related. Lmms has the begginigs of this type of MIDI editing in thier pianoroll editor, where you can click and drag a straight line across the velocity levels like a ramp. (obviously taken from FLStudio’s Automation editor) Fantastic for crescendos.

Another powerful feature in Cubase, is the Groove Extraction. Wherebye a quantize grid can be generated from transient attacks in an audio file, and then used for sequencing other instruments giving them the same feel. Perhaps the Rhytmn Ferret could be deveped along these lines. Even if you coud just graphicly draw your own grids, shifting sixteenth note gridlines a few ticks this way or that, or with pattern tools like simple quantizable waforms, it woulds be very workable. Combined with the velocity sensative sample layering you would have a wealth feel creation at your disposal.

Thank you so much for your time and effort. This is brilliant software, and I look forward to long future and prosperous develop.

Yes i have gone through it,Recommended blog.
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you say that MIDI sequencing should be Ardour’s “main goal” because that is YOUR desire, but I do most of my work with audio recording and manipulation, just a small amount is midi sequencing. Ardour’s main goal has and always will be audio, but MIDI will have a spot next to it, just never ahead of it.

is ardour 3 support midi step recording and video import?

It’s highly unlikely Ardour will feature a video import tool. To synchronize Ardour with video, you can use xjadeo.