Midi sequence and audio with ardour2 - Tempo synchronysation

First, I’m a drummer (among other), and I know and love audio with Ardour2 since some years (I’ll give more after win loto), specially the mixer.
I mean “audio” in opposition of “midi” or “synthesis”.

Second, I guess I’m not the only one to ask that, all advice or reference are welcome, but practical tip are prefered! :wink:

I experience now some problem to mix audio with midi, like simply record an “audio” drum on midi bass sequence, and re-organize segment of a song (recording with a click).

By my research, I found two solution to do that: Rosegarden or Qtractor.
(Maybe some one can add, confirm or invalidate this.)
But, to not have problem, I have to do “audio” with the soft, and I can’t go “down” to this, even if I think this soft are very good.

I don’t want to do “audio” without ardour(2).

All what I need is to have a perfect synchronization between ardour and any midi sequencer, improve the work flow.
I will then use the grid and the ardour’s metronome, and copy/cut/re-organize as I want. That will be very great!
-How to do that? Is this possible?

I’ve tried different things with Rosegarden, but not very concluding.
As you can see here http://pix.toile-libre.org/?img=1352909647.png,
the best result I’ve found is to set rosegarden tempo to 120.023, but it’s still not perfect (look at the time bar) and quite approximative.
I always need to zoom to resynchronize, I can’t use the grid… not concluding.
(by the way, is this zoom bug knows? when you zoom to the maximum, the step before the maximum is not ok (bug?), the regions are moved to the left, so this step must be not used to synchronize regions!)

So I’m still looking for solutions.

I’m also trying Ardour3, but can he control Qsynth?

And I would prefer found some thing with ardour2.


Thank you Paul.

Arrhh, ok I resign, snif…
and agree for the recipe for headaches.
So I must go to Ardour3.

Can Ardour3 control Qsynth?
I only see dssi (but I discover it).

You cannot do MIDI sequencing with Ardour2. Trying to use Ardour2 in combination with another Audio/MIDI sequencer is just a recipe for headaches. I suggest you try Ardour3 beta 5 or QTractor or Rosegarden.