MIDI Selection and tool consistency questions

Is there a way to select notes across different midi regions using the rectangular selection of the internal edit tool?

I would expect that this worked:

But it does nothing.
If I start the selection from inside the region, I get a hold of the notes inside that same region, but not beyond.

Which makes me doubt the usefulness of having redundant selection behaviour across G-rab and E-dit tools. My first impression, coming from Logic and cubase, was that while they both select and move objects, it makes sense to have the edit tool to affect stuff inside regions and grab to affect regions.

Another gripe I have with this, as a noob, is the flow break caused by switching between grab and edit. Since there is no region editor, the mode of the arrange area stays the same regardless of my intention. I zoom in, but the grab tool does not behave as expected unless I switch into edit mode. This could be seen like enabling inline editing in cubase for example, but there the tools stay the same.
So here is a feature request, let me know if this makes sense:
It would be cool if grab mode would turn into edit mode dependent on zoom and that regions would get a handle zone/bar/thingy to grab them even if zoom has passed edit threshold.

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MIDI editing is enforced as a per-region operation.

Grab (object) tool works at the region level.

Internal Edit mode works with the contents of regions.

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Thanks for the reply, I figured that. What about my idea to consolidate grab and internal edit and make behaviour zoom dependent? With a handle, for example a title bar, in regions to still be able to grab them? Any thoughts? Was this ever considered? I think it might improve speed and flow immensely.

Edit: Apart from beeing counterintuitive (while admittedly logical), the current “regionality” also prevents manipulation of melodies without joining regions. Another flow killer, because steps have to be taken in order to get anything done across multiple regions like invert a chord, try out different transpositions of only a melody line etc.

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