Midi - selecting everything by channel (or someway to selectively copy or delete)

I am looking for a tip working with midi. I get these midi files that have several channels used, and I want to keep just one of the channels. Right now, I do the arduous process of copying and pasting each note after I see what channel it’s on. I was wondering if there is a better way?

I would route the original track (1) as input to a new MIDI track (2). Arm track 2 for recording. Right click on the header of track 2 and choose “Record only selected channel” and the wanted channel number. Record, if all goes well in track 2 you will have just the chosen channel of track 1.


Alternatively set up track 1 to playback just one channel.


Recording one track to another and using that channel control (just playing back the channel I want) worked well - thanks.

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