MIDI routing elsehwere


Is there some way to route MIDI from a track to another track? Was thinking of having two MIDI plugins working from the same notes basically. Drumgizmo, and also another plugin to add extra kick or snare samples.

Set up a midi track (1) with your notes, but no instrument, and then set up 2 midi buses (2&3), each with their own midi instrument, and route (1) into (2&3).

Another approach to this that many users do not know about is sharing playlists.

Set up two tracks, but use the ā€œpā€ button in the track header so that they use the same playlist. They will both process the same data, and edits in one track will affect the other, but they can use a different processing chain (including any MIDI->audio synthesis).

Still, @ardourwlk 's suggestion is probably less confusing and more typical of how you might do this.


Ah great, lovely, thanks gents. Options too!

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