Midi regions slow rendering down

Hi there!
I have midi regions with lots of events in them and when such a region appears on the screen, scrolling becomes very slow because the drawing takes so long I guess. Is there something I can do about this? Not drawing the content of the region at all would be an option as I edit them somewhere else anyway. But I didn’t find how to do that. Buffering the drawing (similar to the peaks thing for wav regions) would also be cool but I think that’s not implemented, is it?

All the best!

Probably not even related to MIDI, Ardour doesn’t perform well with many regions in general:

I don’t have any of those problems. Probably because I don’t have many regions in general. But once a midi region appears on screen (like when I have several tracks and scroll down until I reach one with midi in it), it starts to become very laggy, so I’m pretty sure that my problem is the midi rendering.

Also happened to me but that is only in linux, on Windows work well, I think it could be with something related to video drivers because linux uses it’s own video drivers, I tried in many distros but happened in all.