Midi regions and tempo in step editor

I’m having a problem with the step entry method, using adrour 7.3.
With the step entry keyboard, I input eight quarter notes.
The tempo is 120 and meter is 4/4
When I change the tempo, the midi region is no longer two bars.
I think of the step entry as being like an old hardware midi drum machine or sequencer, i.e. a pattern editor.
Surely this should be tempo independent, or have I misunderstood the purpose of this tool?

I’m on 7.2 and can’t replicate this. Two bars of 4/4 eighths stays as two bars. I’ve only ever seen lane markers jump around on temp or time signature changes … is your primary clock beats and bars?

Heres some screen shots showing what Im experiencing. The process is shown on order.




Thats it.
Im on AVLinux21.3

Hi Robin, would you be able to comment on this, do I just misunderstand or is this not working (please see above)
Many thanks for your input

That’s more my domain, and I’ll dig into it when I get a moment. It should not behave the way you are describing.

Thanks Paul, that’s really helpful

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