MIDI region copy and editing

I’ve been working a little bit with MIDI lately however i got to this that i hope some of you already know how to solve:

You record whatever Midi region, so you make a Loop out of it, edit it and shrink to the desire lenght, so then you can copy and paste it to repeat it several times BUT: whenever i edit any of those newly created midi regions that editing is made to ALL loops i pasted from the original including the original.

How can i duplicate a Midi loop and freely edit it without changing the original?.

Thanks for reading!

also, is there a way to make a track/channel completely inactive? as in “not consuming any resource of the system” i saw this feature in PT, but never seen it in Ardour.

fernesto: right click on the track name at the top of a mxier strip or right click on the track header in the editor, and deselect the “Active” checkbox. Done.

As for MIDI stuff: http://www.manual.ardour.org/editing-and-arranging/edit-midi/copy-midi-region/

thanks a lot Paul!

This was one of the most annoying features i battled with when i first started using midi in ardour, it caused me hours of frusttration, i turned it off, since the way i work is by copying small pieces of previoiusly built up parts and then modifying them. I dont have a midi keyboard so i pencil everything in and doing that for an entire song would take days.

Well it ended up taking days because of this feature.

go to file, properties and under midi somewhere theree is something like link midi or something itsin the midi manual. you can also manually unlink copies from there source.