MIDI plugin from one channel to all

Is there a midi plugin which lets to force playing all the 16 channels when there only one channel notes are drown in the midi region. For example, I need to play every 16 channels in ZynAddSubFX, but I don’t want to draw or record all the channels, but only one (the first, for example). I tried to use a combination of x42 plugins “MIDI Channel Unisono” and “MIDI Channel Map” to achieve the result:


  • but it’s to complicated setup for track. Is there a simpler decision?

just a note that due to the format of midi it is impossible for 1 message to be on all 16 channels, so the plugin would have to implement the same sort of thing you made using all those plugins: make 15 copies of the note and assign 1 to each channel. This seems like an unusual use case so I don’t know that many people would use such a plugin.

I would probably accomplish it by using 16 ardour tracks, each with an instance of zyn, and just pipe the midi from the track you are editing to all the others. That would allow more mixing flexibility when mixing too.

Barring that, I believe you could use something like carla or jalv to make your midi filter chain and then you can just load that as a preset. OR use an ardour track template for it.

Thanks, ssj71! “just pipe the midi from the track you are editing to all the others” - you mean make a linked copy of regions to all the 16 tracks? I’ve already done a template :slight_smile:

Think, I understood, sorry :slight_smile: To pipe - means connect…

Yes, sorry for the slang. Seems like you got it. :slight_smile:
But actually looking more into zyn I think you can assign all 16 parts to listen to the same midi channel, which would eliminate the need to copy the notes across all channels anyway. But again, I’m not sure exactly what your use case is.

I’m trying to automate all the controls in zyn, like I did here:


I’m not sure, but I think if I will find how to separate influence from different CC channels, it could be possible to increase a number of automated parameters x16 times. Now I can assign 127 CC(s) to whole the ZynAddSubFX. If I’ll find the way to use all the 16 CC channels separatly, it will be possible to use 127x16 CC(s) to different parameters (for example 127 CC(s) to each of 16 ADsynths) At this time when I draw few notes in 1 and 2 channels, and draw curves into CC1 [channel1] and CC1 [channel2] - automation is summarizing. May be if I’ll find the way of separating automations, it will require to separate note’s channels too. The perfect way is to use one channel (as you tell) to all ADsynths, but the same time to use 16cannels of CC(s) to each ADsynth - in this case we don’t need the requested plugin at all :slight_smile:

I see. Do you really need to automate all those parameters? I chat with the zyn dev often and was partially involved with the discussion of how to expose parameters for automation. We felt like users would rarely use more than 16 and almost never automate 32 parameters. I just want to understand the use case to see if we missed considering something in that discussion. The new macro system in zyn is meant to make DAW automation easier and it can be extended if there is a good reason to.

:slight_smile: Yes, yesterday I also wrote to KVR zyn forum. One lead developer gave me links to the discussion about automation in the new version of zyn. But I’m just exploring. When my midi-learn file will be completed (on my view), I’m going to make some .midnam file, where I can write concrete names of zin’s parameters. Of coarse there’s no need to use all of them simultaneously (also, in my experiments 127 CC(s) automation begin to flapping), but when I build some sound and begin to understand what I want to automate - this could be useful to have a quick possibility.

Finally, I got what I want:


A little video: