Midi playback issue

Hi all,

new to this forum but can’t find this covered elsewhere.

Ardour 3.4

I have MIDI tracks recorded for an ambient piece where chords and drones are sustained for some time. When playing them back notes that started, ie MIDI Note on, before the playhead position but that have not yet ended, i.e. note off yet to come, do not sound. Is there any way to tell Ardour to start these notes at the playhead position?

thanks, Brian

Ardour does not have this capability at this time. In its defense, I will note that this was only added to Cubase after several major version releases (I think it went in somewhere during Cubase 5). It is quite a tricky programming problem, and has not risen in priority among the (many) MIDI related tasks still to be done. It would be nice though.

Ok, thanks for the quick reply, interesting that Cubase had a similar issue (as a programmer myself, I have some appreciation of what’s involved). Right now it’s more an inconvenience than anything else, I’ll maybe look into it in more detail if it becomes a ‘must have’ feature.

If it helps, I faintly recall that Rosegarden for Linux has this feature, i.e. it worked with fluidsynth somewhere last year.
At worst, please consider this post as hot air from a non-programmer.