MIDI percussion track edit in A3


have received a MIDI track which contains the drums for our next song, and like to edit it.

After some research in Ardour3, with right clic, exploring menus… can’t find anything but the piano roll edit way.

Then I search on the site and find this old “news” topic : http://ardour.org/node/1162
It mentionned the adding of “percussion tracks”, that will probably be the tool wanted.

Return in Ardour3, and can’ find it :frowning:

May someone here give a little help, please ?

You should ask on IRC or on the mailing list, please don’t discuss A3 on the forums at this time(As was requested when the alphas were released).


Oups ! Sorry to have forgotten this . Is it a way to delete this post ?

If you wish it to be deleted I can delete it, at this point there is no harm in leaving it here for the time being to me.


Ok Seablade, do it like you want to, maybe leave it may people searching same kind of things be aware that the good place is IRC or ardour-users@lists.ardour.org