MIDI Output in Windows 10

Hello. Just getting started with Ardour and MIDI. I have a ProTools project imported that I need to add a new MIDI track to. I’m using a low-end Yamaha keyboard as the controller with ASIO4All. And it works for the most part. I can see the input coming through in the mixer when I play, and can record it. However, listening during recording is an issue. I can get it to loop back to the Yamaha, but it sounds like it’s having a seizure and it’s not really feasible. I’d like it to push the output directly to my speaker, but I realize that I probably need an additional piece of software. When I click on the outputs on the MIDI track, the only option is the USB MIDI Interface. I’ve fiddled with some stuff and have succeeded only in crashing Ardour.
Any advice?
Thanks in advance.