Midi out of sync when migrating from 4 to 5.12

I have a song done in a Ardour 4.
It has a midi drum track, build from several mid regions
The tempo changes several times throughout the song.

When I load the session into Ardour 5.12 the drums get out of sync with the rest of the audio tracks.

One solution would be to continue to work on this song with Ardour 4, which I do not want, because it also means to keep around a version of Ardour 4.

Anyone also encountered similar issues when migrating from 4 to 5?
Is there any option I need to configure?

OK. Was able to fix it. A detailed analysis showed that the tempo change markers have not been placed correctly. They were slightly offset from their original position, so everything got messed up.

Moving them manually to their intended location was able to fix the whole session :grinning: