midi osc control problems

i am on osx lion and ardour 2.8.12. ardour seems to be completely unresponsive for any osc/midi. i am desperately trying to to get the play/stop transport functions to sync up with other software for recording but it’s not possible.
i use midi patchbay to hook things up. (generic midi is enabled+ID assigned by user) then i do the middle click, and the ‘operate controller now’ menu disappears instantly when i hit the button on my nano kontrol that i want to assign. that means ardour must be registering the incoming midi. but after that, the knob on my nano kontrol still isn’t connected. nothing happens when i press it.
alternatively i tried to send osc over from pure data to trigger transport functions. so i connected it to localhost port 3819 and send 1 to /ardour/transport_play. i have the “use osc” option enabled, but again nothing happens.

can someone please give me a hint on what i am doing wrong? thanks

No good answer to that one, sorry. None of the development happens on Lion and to my knowledge this is the first time this has been reported. Make sure you mention it in Mantis.

If I get a chance here in the next few days I will test this out on the Lion machines at one of my jobs and see if I can reproduce.