MIDI notes/tracks disappear

(Sciurius) #1

Ardour 5.12.0 (demo version from site), Fedora 27.

I start Ardour, create a new (empty) project “scratch”.
I import a MIDI file using one channel per track and default settings.
Screenshot: http://www.squirrel.nl/pub/xfer/uploads/3CbYtDxN2MoZAVKtMzLZU99w.png

I save the project and exit Ardour.

I start Ardour, and select project “scratch”.
Track 1 has lost many notes.
All other tracks have lost all notes.
Screenshot: http://www.squirrel.nl/pub/xfer/uploads/3C3Ztb6yw9BdKsDaidOpJiEg.png

Puzzled (and a bit frustrated since I lost a substantial amount of work on a real project).

(Paul Davis) #2

Are the notes really missing from the data (i.e. not played) or just missing in the screen display?

(Sciurius) #3

Yes, the notes are still there. The display is gone (note that track 1 is shown differently, with thicker bars).

(Paul Davis) #4

what happens if you select a track with missing notes and then press Ctrl-f (fit-to-full-height)? Can you see the notes yet? If not, grab the top and bottom of the scroomer (scroller/zoomer) in the track header, and expand the range of visible notes. Can you see them now?

(Sciurius) #5

When sufficiently enlarged, the MIDI ‘slider’ to the left appears. With this slider I can scale and move the track so all notes are in view again.
This even seems to persist when saved/restarted. Hoorray!