MIDI-notes play to early


Whenever Ardour plays MIDI-notes, they are played to early.

Is there a way to delay the playing of MIDI-notes? Can’t find anything like a MIDI-latency-setting in JACK or Ardour. Using the tracks’ latency-setting also doesn’t work, because you can only shift it in time more earlier.

Any way to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I know that MIDI-tracks aren’t latency-compensated in Ardour currently. But shouldn’t there be a MIDI-latency-parameter to be set on a per-interface-basis?


Does somebody know a workaround for this?

Hmmm, maybe I can increase the latency on all other already recorded tracks?

Will try it later…

Hi dbra,

I have the exact same problem when trying to synchronise audio track with (rythmic) midi track.
Did you find a solution?

Do you control software via MIDI? If yes, the issue may be different, because many software-synth ignore the timestamp which comes with the MIDI data. I use only hardware…

And no, I haven’t found any solution besides the one I already posted above.