MIDI notes move out of beat after moving region

I have been giving ardour MIDI a shot, mainly for directly recording my E-piano through MIDI, and in the final mix I’ll have it play once more and record analog (can’t beat my Kurzweil by softsynth!)

I encountered strange behaviour (bug? user error?):

I have 2 sections in my song, one with 3/4 meter 110 bpm and the next 5/4 meter 175 bpm.

Now I record a MIDI track in the second section (i.e. the region is entirely in the 5/4 meter section), which sounds fine. If I move it a few bars all within the same meter section my notes get severely out of sync, even though the start of my MIDI region is always aligned to the first beat of a bar. I.e. I can see the notes move relative to my region boundary if I move the region itself.

Any ideas?

EDIT: strangely this only happens when I move the region backward, i.e. in the direction of the section with the different meter (note: my entire region still remains in the 5/4 meter region, I do not cross a meter change boundary)

At the risk of sounding like a broken record:

  1. Bug reports on these forums will be ignored. Bugs belong in the bug tracker. How To Report A Bug
  2. There are many broken issues with MIDI at this time. They will receive attention in another few weeks when a big MIDI focus period is planned

I’ve said this in another post where someone was asking about midi issues.

I had the same issues a while back when working with midi tracks, its just buggy. I had to go back to v3 which didnt crash as much and seemed to work bettter however there would be issues where notes would resize or move when moving or resizing regiones and also some wierd note behaviour when moving and resizing them.

I left midi alone after that 1 project.

I have a bug report already up with some crash data and also detailing some of the odd behaviour so feel free to add to it.

@veda_sticks - I think you have the right idea by leaving midi alone. For me that means using another daw for midi. Trying to learn in a buggy environment isn’t pleasant. My subscription stays in place and I will continue to use Ardour for audio when appropriate. I will look at midi in Ardour again when the focus Paul speaks of begins.

Yeah i had soime very peculiar things happen. I did get something to a demo stage but i left it there in fear of messing it up again.

If your really wanting to have drums them hydrogen is the way to go…

for softsynths using midi not sure what other midi programs can be synced to ardour.

veda_sticks - I’ve synced Ardour 2 and Hydrogen in the past just tinkering. Timing was synced and could start and stop both with jack transport controls. I prefer to loop a few bars and tweak a pattern but didn’t appear Hydrogen had any idea what bars I was looping in Ardour. Was I wrong?