Midi notes copying things

Hello, everybody!

When I select few midi notes, press Ctrl and try to drag by left mouse button - selected notes are not copying (they are dragging only). Is this a bug or there’s another way to do it?

I use the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V combinations to copy group of notes, but this way lets me copy this group only to the same height. I’d like to copy the note group to quart or quint for example, but when I lead my mouse to quart from the first note of group and press Ctrl+V - this puts note group still at the same height. Is this a bug also?

So, how could I do my copying actions with notes fast and comfortable? Has anybody much experience?


P.C.: this problem I had in Ardour 4.7 and now is the same in Ardour 5.3.4

Copy via control is not yet implemented for midi notes, although it is on my to-do list.
The way to do what you want is to paste then drag the notes vertically (the copies should all be selected).
Hope this helps.

Thank you, @nickm!

Finally I came to the way, you’re advising)

I was wondering the same - and reached the same conclusion - only … I can’t figure out how to control the insertion point?

Don’t answer that unless you have the time.

It seems that insertion point is controlled by the Playhead, notes are inserted in the region on the track in question where the playhead is on. However if that’s not the same region as they are copied from, they do not get selected - AFAIK - so you’ll have to select them again. In clusters of notes that can be confusing …

Even though it appears that the workflows are not quite mature, I’ve gotta say it’s already impressive. And the idea about skipping a special editor and just doing it directly on the track is rather genious :slight_smile:

I’ve been working with Ardour for some hours now - and I’m in love! <3

nope - I can’t find any regular pattern in controlling the insertion point … :slight_smile: